The role of community development is to support people and community groups to identify and articulate their needs, and to take practical, collective action to address the need of residents living with the premises of a community, and in our case, it is the DOHS Banani.

There are lots of reasons why we need community development now more than ever. Expectations are increasing for communities to take on roles in service for the residents of DOHS Banani.

DOHS Parishad aims to provide an efficient and effective service at all times. We always welcome local resident’s complaints and comments, because their views about development work are essential in helping us to continuously improve our services at DOHS Banani.

Since the allotment of plots to the retired Armed Forces Officers in DOHS Banani in year1968, the development work of the community has been a remarkable. The credit of this development definitely goes to our predecessors and those Officers who relentlessly made an endeavor for the effective development of the living standard of its residents. DOHS Banani has come a long way in its present development with the active support from the members of DOHS Parishad , Cantonment Board, Military Estate Office and QMG Branch of Army Headquarters.

During the period covered the DOHS main Roads along with sub lanes were repaired. Children’s park has been improved with more sports items inclusion, new equipments for the Jim club has been purchased. This year a new walk way on the Eastern road has been planned and very soon construction work will start. DOHS Parishad has taken the decision for installing the CCTV covering all the roads including sub lanes of the whole DOHS Banani Area.

Last not the least, we hope all the residents of DOHS Banani shall continue render their valuable support to DOHS Parishad in taking the development of our area to its highest standard.