The Banani DOHS Masjid is probably one of the oldest establishments of the Banani DOHS Community. It was first established around the year 1972 and in its initial years was just a small mosque comprised of simple tin shed. Over the years, however, Masjid has evolved into a more lavish structure that can now house about 2,500 devotees in prayer at any one time.

The Masjid and its activities have successfully grown over time due to the diligent role of the subcommittee members and everyone else involved in the day to day operations.

Responsibilities :

The present masjid subcommittee includes 12 active members and it is their responsibility to facilitate the smooth flow of the daily activities. The various duties and responsibilities towards the Masjid are broadly outlined as follows:

• Overseeing the proper arrangements for Salaah; which include administering the cleanliness of the Mosque and taking care of other necessities which facilitate the comfort of the devotees.
• Ensuring the proper safety of the Masjid (i.e. the interior and exterior) so that the devotees can say their prayers in a stress free environment.
• The people involved in the Masjid activities are the Khatib, Imam, Muazzems, Hafez and Khadems. It is the responsibility of the subcommittee to facilitate the smooth flow of each of their activities.
• Deciding on and allocating funds to various sectors from the Masjid's budget.
• Collecting donations from the residents for various developmental and administrative activities.

Developments & Facilities :

• Excellent security system has been established with the help of metal detectors, metal arch scanner, well lighted interiors and exteriors.
• With proper lighting, air conditioning and new prayer mats, comfortable and clean prayer atmosphere has been created.
• Iftar served every day in the month of Ramadan to hundreds of people coming in to the Masjid to break their fast.
• Special prayers arrangements and a comfort for the devotees who sit in for Ittekaf are ensured in the month of Ramadan.
• A new ablution place outside the masjid was built for the ease of the devotees coming from the outside Banani D.O.H.S area.
• Renovation and extension of the women's prayer room have been completed.
• For the convenience of the devotees during Jummah and special prayers the total number of male and female toilets was increased.

All in all the Masjid subcommittees's main aim is to ensure the absolute comfort, ease and safety of the devotees who come together in prayer to the Almighty. A lot of changes to the Masjid have been planned, implemented and administered by the subcommittee members, who are at present working on a new plan and design for the Masjid. This new plan is under study considering the next 25 years growth and it will In Shaa Allah result in a new structure for the Masjid with most modern facilities and one that will be able to accommodate around 5000 devotees in prayer at any one time.